Mountain Expedition in Nepal first came into world focus when Tenzing Norgay Sherpa of Nepal and Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand conquered Mt. Everest in 1953. Ever since, there have been countless expeditions heading off to the Himalayas.

The Himalayas in Nepal extending for 800 kilometers from east to west of country. It has more than 1300 peaks with an altitude of more than 6000 meters and in 14 of world’s highest peaks (over 8000 meters) 8 rise within Nepal’s boundaries, there is tremendous interest in the Nepal Himalaya. Most of the peaks over 8000m high were conquered during the Golden Decade of Climbing in the 1950s.

Climbing by then had become a national affair with various nations vying with each other to be the first to climb. Today it is all about breaking records. There are nearby 350 peaks in Nepal open for mountaineering today.